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Le Freak - CHIC and Nile Rodgers Tribute                                    

Chic tribute band   chic tribute band le freak

Le Freak are the UK's premier CHIC & Nile Rodgers Tribute band

CHIC Tribute band show includes up to two hours of high energy performance, super funky set list from Chic's 70's era: 

  • Good Times
  • Everybody Dance
  • Le Freak
  • I wan't Your Love
  • My Forbidden Lover

as well as other hits produced by Nile Rodgers and seen in the live CHIC show:

  • I'm Coming Out
  • We Are Family
  • Lost in Music
  • Get Lucky
  • Greatest Dancer
  • Soup For One/ Lady (hear me tonight)
  • Spacer
  • Upside Down
  • Thinking Of You
  • Let's Dance, and more including the latest - 'I'll Be There'


Optionally the band can include other Disco / Funk songs by the atrists who previously collaborated with Nile Rodgers such as Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, Pharrell Williams, Michael Jackson and others. 
This show is a fabulous mix of classic and modern hits which will appeal to any generation on the dance floor.

2 fantastic female vocalists, guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, trumpet and saxophone. 

DJ service between live sets to keep the party going. 

The band is based in Hampshire, available in the UK and internationally.

  • The band is available for festivals, tribute events, private parties, weddings and corporate events.

BOOKINGS:   [email protected]      tel: 07805 343010 (Leo)


Le Freak was founded by experienced musicians who are passionate about funk and disco music to cover the greatest hits of it's genre. When talking about funk and disco, there is no better person to associate it with other than - Nile Rodgers, the father of disco, guitarist and music producer who brought us all the funkiest of hits. We are proud to be the first Chic feat. Nile Rodgers tribute band in the UK!

  meeting nile rodgers Meeting the legend!                                    nile rodgers guitarNile Rodgers and Tribute Niletribute to chic feat. nile rodgers uk


Le Freak CHIC tribute band

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CHIC tribute band Le Freak

CHIC tribute band